Oldshoremore Beach, Scotland


Oldshoremore Beach, Scotland

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There is no reason on earth why any sane person would have been on Oldshoremore Beach. 

It took both my arms and shoulder to force the car door open and when I managed to shut the door without it taking my hand off, my hat blew off and is probably somewhere in America and in the struggle, my glasses fell off and I trod on them, breaking them. 

The wind was brutal and insane and only a Landscape Photographer would be crazy enough to then climb to the highest most exposed spot to take a photograph.

Within minutes my eyes and mouth were full of sand and my camera and tripod were having serious doubts as to my sanity and both had wished I hadn't added them to my basket on Amazon. 

Nevertheless, we managed to brave it for an hour - the evening light at Oldshoremore Beach in the highest of the Scottish Highlands....Landscape Photography - you gotta love it.

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This image when printed on my Fotospeed Baryta 300 paper is arguably my current favourite and when framed and on the wall looks just amazing.