I guess being the son of, who I still consider to be the most talented and gifted Photographer I've ever seen, I was always going to be attracted to the wonderful world of photography. There were always cameras lying around the house and a darkroom to learn my craft. In my early 20's I graduated from a 3 year degree course in photography and started working for a London Advertising Agency. In my role as a Video Cameraman, I was responsible for filming Promotional Videos for the Travel Industry. However, it was my love for Stills Photography that saw me progress into the commercial photographic market. Combined with my passion for travel, I have enjoyed great success in the Travel Photography sector working on many varied high profile travel assignments.

I took a break from photography during the years when my young family was growing up. But now, I have rediscovered my passion for photography. Always keen to embrace the ever changing technological advances, I  have once again rejoined the photographic world and hope to enjoy the fantastic experiences this journey will again provide.


 During the past 5 or 6 years, my wife and I have been very fortunate to have travelled to some of the world's most beautiful and exciting locations together as this picture of Sally shows at the top of Table Mountain overlooking the wonderful city of Cape Town. Without Sally's love and support over the years, many of my achievements would never have been possible. The wife of a Landscape Photographer can be a testing one, as we can be unwittingly selfish, the long trips, the time spent away from home and having to put up with me setting off in the middle of night in search of that elusive sunrise. But without her, her understanding, her encouragement, my journey to fulfil my dreams would have never been possible. Not only that, without her, the journey in search of those dreams would have been worthless.


 One of the many things Sally and I enjoy is the great outdoors and time spent with our 3 dogs. Having recently purchased a Motorhome, we have fully embraced the freedom, this now gives us and we are looking forward to spending much more time together exploring this great country of ours as well as venturing further afield into Europe. For the time being, the Caribbean holidays have been shelved for a few years as we embrace this exciting new chapter and new found freedom.

With this being our first Motorhome and after testing our ability to cope with trial runs to Snowdonia & Yorkshire, we recently spent 10 days driving through France before settling down in the beautiful region of Provence. Below is an image of Sally posing outside our Motorhome at one of our more picturesque nightly stopovers.....how can you resist the gorgeous lavender fields of Valensole...