I am a Nisi Filters UK Ambassador and I enjoy working with a brand of filters that I truly believe in and recognise as a world leader in the photography filter market

Dawn to Dusk 1 to 1 Photography -

Just You & Me in the Scottish Highlands

Achmelvich Beach

Achmelvich Beach

Everyone is at different levels and like different genres of photography, so there is no set itinerary and all levels are welcome.

Your 1 on 1 photo training will go at the right pace for you and concentrate only on what you need to grow your skills and self confidence.

If you're a complete beginner you won't feel left behind (or that you might be holding others back). If you're more experienced, you won't be held back.

You'll gain new skills, expand existing skills, improve your understanding and evolve new ways of thinking about and using photographic techniques.

What would you work on?

  • Camera controls and settings

  • Composition & light

  • Which lens to use

  • Finding images

  • Decisive moments

  • Thinking like a photographer (not merely someone with a camera)

  • The use of Filters

  • Confidence ...

  • If what you're looking for isn't listed, please ask...


I am based in the Scottish Highlands, home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the British Isles. You choose where we go.

What To Expect

We'll discuss some of your work you feel great about, some you don't and asses it together. You can ask me anything and I'll help you work through issues you're currently stuck on.

I'll set practical tasks for you, ask you questions that'll make you think pretty hard about what you're doing - and help you find answers that'll lead to your desired outcome.

I want you to go home having learnt loads and feeling confident - rather than just nice photos you don't know how to repeat.